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Product Details

Vanilla milk powder flavour 1518
A white free flowing powder imparting a rich full cream condensed milk flavour with a vanilla flavour in base. Overall flavour impression is rich dairyness with a sweet roundness and complementing completeness of a vanilla flavour. It is really a harmonious two in one flavour.

Bulk density at 25ºC : 0.613 – 0.618

This flavour was developed to impart and enhance dairyness and vanilla completeness to all dairy bases and products with Chocolate or flour base. It is a flavour booster because all the “essence of aroma or flavour” are in the nature-identical aroma chemicals which are concentrated in this flavour.

In most end products such as:
• Ice-Cream, desserts.
• Milk base drinks.
• Chocolate base drinks.
• Coffee and cream drinks.
• Cakes; cookies and cream filling.
• Toffees and soft milk base candies like nougat.
• Milk powders – enhancement of “creaminess” especially milk powders base on skim milk and diet formulation base on “non-dairy creamy” lacking in dairyness which this flavour will impart!
• Even in animal feed powders – dairyness and vanilla gives immense appeal to all suckling animals.

In all these applications mentioned and more i.e. the combination of cream, milk and vanilla is universally an appetizing flavour to most people.

Recommended dosage is 0.1–0.3% w/w of base. The optimum dosage is the most economical and acceptable dosage in the final product and users must determine for themselves in their own base.

This flavour gives the “real taste” because all the nature identical chemicals use in this flavour are the active aroma chemicals present in the real products e.g. Lactones in milk and Vanillin in Vanilla beans.

This flavour is classified as natural-identical flavour for all countries.

Keep sealed in original packing in a cool dark place. Best kept at 20 -25ºC. This flavour is stable for at least 2 years. If flavour is exposed to light, direct sunlight or electric light, it will cause a yellowish colour to develop. Therefore, keep away from direct light.

25kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.

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