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Product Details

Vanilla sugar flavour 1012
White crystalline powder with a rich creamy sweet aroma of vanilla favour.

Bulk Density at 25C : 0.660 0.665

This favour is suitable for most applications. The general dosage is 0.5% to 1% for all applications.

Beverage e.g milk shake : 0.2% w/w of base.
Jelly : 0.3% w/w of base.
Chocolate Products : 0.5% - 1% w/w.
All bakery purpose e.g. : 1% w/w of cake batter or dough weight.
Cakes, biscuits etc.

Direction for use - either sprinkle or mix, for example in 10 applications below:-
1. Breakfast cereal with milk 1 teaspoon.
2. Tea or coffee drink with or without milk 1 teaspoon per cup.
3. Cocoa or chocolate milk drink 1 teaspoon per cup.
4. Desserts, agar agar powder, gelatin powder, custard powder 4 teaspoon per kg mix.
5. Ice-cream ready to eat sprinkle 1 teaspoon per cup or bowl.
6. Ice-cream mix, before freezing 4 teaspoon per kg.
7. Cake mix powder or cake batter 5 teaspoon per kg of mix or batter.
8. Wafer biscuit, egg roll 4 teaspoon per kg of batter.
9. Green bean or red bean soup 1 teaspoon per bowl.
10. Egg and rice custard dessert 2 eggs, 3 tablespoon cooked rice, 1 cup fresh milk, 2 teaspoon vanilla sugar, 3 tablespoon sugar, scramble and steam the mix for 15 minutes, serve 4 persons.

This flavour is compounded from natural-identical and artificial aroma chemicals which are FEMA GRAS.

It is classified as artificial flavour in all countries.

Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for one year.

25kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.
12.5kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.
2kg plastic bag in a carton packed in an outer carton of 8 x 2kg.
0.25kg PET bottle x 8 in a carton packed in an outer carton of 8 x 2kg.

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