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Product Details

Vanilla milk powder flavour 1028
White crystalline powder with a rich creamy sweet milky taste and the aroma of vanilla flavour. It is a 2-in-1 flavour.

Bulk Density at 25C : 0.745 0.750

This flavour gives more than vanillin taste. Is also imparts a milky creamy dairy taste. This powder flavour is developed for all food products with a rich vanilla dairy flavour to enhance and improve the final flavour of the dessert or confectionery products.

It is particularly good in all bakery products such as biscuits, cookies, cakes, sugar confectioneries such a toffees, milk candies, chocolate products, ice-cream, yoghurt and milk shakes. The recommended dosage for all the above applications is 0.5% w/w of base.

In beverage products e.g. cereal drinks and chocolate powder mix, for incorporation into a cereal drink or cereal products, the dilution factor of the final product must be considered to give the right dosage in the end product. For a dilution factor of 5x e.g. with hot water in the case of a cereal drink, the dosage in the cereal powder mix should be 0.5%x5=2.5% w/w.

The main ingredients of this flavour are vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin, Gamma and Delta Lactones and other trace aroma subtances which are FEMA GRAS with dextrose monohydrate and rice flour as carrier.

All the ingredients of this flavour are either natural (e.g. rice flour) and nature-identical except for Ethyl Vanillin which is artificial. However, because if it special flavour aromatic sweetness quality and it synergistic value together with Vanillin (NI), its incorporation in this flavour formulation is important. From the technical point of classified, this flavour is classified as artificial flavour.

Keep sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. This flavour is stable and does not have serious caking problem even after prolong storage.

25kg high barrier bag packed in an outer carton.


This flavour is compounded from nature-identical and artificial aroma chemicals which are FEMA GRAS. It is classified as artificial flavour in all countries.

All ingredients are added into a cube stainless steel blender and mixed by slow rotation for 20 minutes. The powder is then discharged and packed directly into 25kg carton with internal plastic bags.

Keep in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is stable for one year.

25kg carton
1kg plastic tub packed in a carton of 12 x 1kg
1kg paper carton packed in a carton of 12 x 1kg

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